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Welcome to the new web page of ATPDraw

ATPDraw is a graphical, mouse-driven preprocessor to the ATP version of the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) on the MS-Windows platform. In ATPDraw the user can construct an electrical circuit using the mouse and selecting components from menus, then ATPDraw generates the ATP input file in the appropriate format based on "what you see is what you get". The simulation program ATP and plotting programs can be integrated with ATPDraw. A license is required to use the solver ATP.

During the fall of 2011 an attempt was made to establish a web-based user forum for ATPDraw. A standard content management system (phpBB) was used, but unfortunately the forum was constantly under attack and full of spam. The developer spent more time deleting non-serious users and commercial posts than adding value to the site. The registration procedure never got fully functional as too many tried to sign up. Consequently the site was shut down for new registrations after 6 months.

Now (2012), another attempt is made with a simpler content management system written from scratch and registrations only through ATPDraw. ATPDraw version 5.8 can connect directly to the MySQL database and uploads and downloads of projects are embedded. Users are encouraged to share their cases. In addition a forum is added for discussions, bug-reports and requests. All uploaded material (moderated) will be available to all other registered users.