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Dahl Data Design

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Dahl Data Design was established in 1994 with the objective to design and develop advanced, state-of-the-art, user-friendly applications and program systems under the MS-DOSâ, Microsoftâ Windowsä and UNIXâ operating systems.


In 1994 Dahl Data Design was contracted by SINTEF/EFI to write a DOS Protected-Mode Interface (DPMI) version of, and further-develop the user interface system known as GIGSä (Graphical Interface Generating System). GIGS was originally developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the late 1980's, in order to provide its teachers and students with an easy-to-learn, but yet advanced set of tools to design and develop graphical user interface applications under MS-DOS.


Until 1996, ATPDrawä relied on GIGS for its graphics look-and-feel. With this first Windows version, however, we have completely redesigned the user interface and rewritten the source code using object-oriented programming techniques. ATPDraw is now a true Windows application with no underlying run-time systems in a 32-bit (Windows 95/NT) version. We trust you will find this release easy to use and a joy to work with!


Dahl Data Design


Victor Baumannsvei 26 b

N-7020 Trondheim



MS-DOS and Microsoft are registered trademarks, and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX Systems Laboratories.

GIGS is a trademark of Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

ATPDraw is a trademark of SINTEF/EFI.