SINTEF Energy Research

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SINTEF Energy Research


EFI (the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute) was established in 1951 and has developed into an independent research company and center of expertise in energy supply and electric power technology. In 1997 EFI changed name to SINTEF Energy Research (SEfAS). SEfAS's main areas  of excellence are in the production, distribution and use of electricity. SEfAS has developed  numerous models for studies of electric power systems, and has devoted considerable laboratory work to research and development of material and components.


The liberalization of the power market started in Norway in 1991. The legal basis for the reform was given by The Energy Act of June 1990. SEfAS participated in research, studies, evaluations, and specification of solutions for all parties involved in the liberalization process in Norway. This includes work for regulating bodies, market operator (power exchange), independent system operator (ISO), and market participants as generators, distributors, industry, traders, and brokers. Similar work has been carried out by SEfAS in the other Nordic (Sweden, Finland) countries when liberalization of the

power market started there.


SEfAS has been an important partner for the electric manufacturing industry in developing Norway's energy supply, and through it's close interaction with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim SEfAS has been instrumental in major applied and theoretical technological developments. SEfAS is internationally recognized as a neutral test and certification body for electro-technical equipment.


SEfAS has a sound financial basis which has been used to systematically enhance our scientific expertise and ensure professional contract work for it's clients.


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