File format settings

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File format settings


The File format settings page of the ATP Settings dialog box contains four buttons for setting of ATP input file data format and one button for controlling auto path generation.



Any combination of the three different sorting mechanisms can be specified.


Miscellaneous requests

Insert $Prefix and $Suffix cards (auto path):

Checking the $Prefix and $Suffix button will insert the ResultDir as the prefix and lib as the suffix. The path and extension of all $Include files are then skipped when writing the ATP file. This saves space in the $Include call and avoids multiple lines which are hard to read. From ATPDraw version 5.0 this should actually be the preferred choice as ATPDraw now writes all result files to ResultDir. If the path of a library file specifies a different folder or the extension is not '.LIB', an error dialog is displayed during ATP file generation, enabling you to correct the erroneous specification by stripping off path and extension, continue the operation using an unresolvable ATP include reference, or cancel the entire ATP file generating process.

Insert TACS HYBRID card:

 Checking this button forces TACS HYBRID .. BLANK TACS to be written to the ATP file. Useful when TACS objects are only present inside User Specified Object.

Insert $PL4 Comments:

 If checked, ATPDraw writes the circuit comments in a $BEGIN PL4 COMMENTS...$END PL4 COMMENTS block. This results in error for some ATP-versions.

Insert Exact Phasor Equivalent:

 If checked ATPDraw writes a EXACT PHASOR EQUIVALENT request in the ATP file. This is recommended for Frequency Scan simulations including constant and distributed parameter overhead lines.

Printed Number width:

 Enables the PRINTED NUMBER WIDTH request card.

Width: Is the total column width of printed output including the separating blanks

Space: Is the number of blanks between columns of printed output.


Usp include prefix. Character added to User specified $include files to distinguish the names from Lines&Cables (and Windsyn). Turn to blank '' if not desired.

Delete temp-files after simulation. Delete temporary files on disk from the Result Directory for house keeping reasons. All data is stored in the project file (*.acp) anyway.


Additional request enables the user to insert text strings on precise locations in the ATP file. Separate component from version 5.4 found under User Specified in the selection menu.