Web Download Circuit

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Web Download Circuit


This dialog gives access to all projects uploaded by users from the MYSQL database at www.atpdraw.net.

List the files by specifying a search criterion. User the arrow buttons to navigate between bulks of 10 hits.


Select a Topic (any lists all topics) a Keyword (blank lists all keywords) and a Author (any selects all authors).  


Sort the list according to time moderated, rating, or the number of downloads.


Download the project to the WEB folder and display it directly in ATPDraw by left double-click the item in the table. Right click to get more options:

Download: The project is stored in the Windows TEMP directory and then displayed directly in ATPDraw. The download speed is normally fast since the project files are small and compresssed.

Content: See the content text given by the contributor and an image of the circuit.

Edit: Update the title, content and keywords of you own posts. To change the uploaded files (project and image) you have to upload it again with the same name. It you Edit, the post will go into the moderator queue.

Delete: Delete your own uploads. Also moderators can delete posts.

Rate: Give a feedback to the project by rating it from 0 to 5 (best). This gives priority to searches and might help other users to identify the best choice.

Moderate: Only available for moderators. Accept the post.