Shape properties

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Shape properties


A shape (line, rectangle, ellipse, polyline, polygon, arc, bezier curve, pie, node conn, arrow)  in the vector editor has the following properties:




Left click in the color palette to select the pen color (boarder)

Right click in the color palette to select the brush color (fill)



Holds two extra properties for rotation angle (degrees) and corner rounding (pixels, applies only if angle is zero).



Holds one extra property for rotation angle (degrees).


Bezier curve:

Consist of pairs of two end points on the curve and two control points. In the mode Tools|Edit points, the end points are marked with green and the control nodes with red color. This mode enables the fine tuning of the shape (see menu options).


Node conn.:

First left click will be grid snapped to nearest 10 pixel location and is supposed to be a node (check the Node box in the upper right corner to display nodes and their names). The second left click is to an arbitrary point and the line between the points is drawn in right angles. In contrast to a Polyline shape, the Node conn. shape will have a pen width set according to the number of phases in the component.



Has style and size settings for each side of the arrow.


Points grid:

All coordinates are given relative to the the component position (zero degree rotation). x increases from left to right, while y increases from top to bottom. There is no practical limit on the number of points.

When editing points manually, the user must click/move outside the grid cell to confirm the setting. Selecting the shape and holding down the Shift key enables to move the shape with the arrow keys in steps of one pixel.

Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Node conn., and Arrow hold two points (upper-left, bottom-right).

Pie holds 4 points, two describing an ellipse and two describing the cut. All points drawn in lime color in mode Tools|Edit points.

Bezier curve holds multiple of 4 points; two points on the curve and two control nodes.

Polyline and Polygon can hold an arbitrary number of points. Polygon will close back to the first point and enable brush settings (fill). Finish drawing with right click.