Frame properties

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Frame properties


The Frame is a rectangle that describes the active, clicking area of the icon in the ATPDraw circuit. It should just overlap the elements of the icon. If it is too large it is difficult to select a component in the circuit without any unintentional overlap problems. A selecting a component in the circuit is drawn in a lime color enclosed by the frame. For the "old-style" bitmap icon the frame is fixed to (-20,-20), (20,20). The Frame is turned on by the Frame check box in the upper right corner.


The Frame is described by its upper-left and its bottom-right corners relative to the icon center. The Frame points have to be set directly in the Frame grid. Click or move cursor outside the cell to confirm data.


The Frame also contains an External point which is used for the location of the branch output request symbols.


The node names (when Node box checked) are drawn oriented according to the Frame and best drawing result is obtained when the nodes are on the Frame border.