Bitmap Icon Editor

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Bitmap Icon Editor


The icon editor can be invoked either from the Edit Object dialog box or by selecting the Icon Editor option in the tools menu (only bitmaps). In either case you can create or edit the component icon of a support file.


Depending on how the editor was invoked, the file menu provides different options. When opened from the Edit Object dialog, you can only import icons from other support files or cancel the edit operation and close the editor window. In this case the Done option in the main menu is used to accept and store a modified icon. When opened from the tools menu, additional options to load from and save to disk appear in the file menu.

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At the bottom of the editor window you find a color palette with two boxes indicating current color selection, and a real-size image of the icon being edited. In the color palette, the color marked with a capital T letter is the transparent color. Color selection is explained in more detail in the color options help topic.


You draw in the icon buffer by clicking the left or right mouse button. The olive colored vertical and horizontal lines indicate icon node positions. These are the same positions indicated on the Node page of the Edit Object dialog box.