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Models Editor


The MODELS editor is used in Edit of all Models components and under Library|"Templates on disc"|--mod-file. It is also used instead of the Help editor in case of Models components since standard components stores the MODELS text in its help string.

The MODELS editor supports syntax highlight and code folding (set under View). The font can also be changes under View, but a fixed width Courier New font is referable.

The syntax highlighting gives a black and bold font to keywords, a blue color to resident functions, a red color to numbers, a purple color to parenthesis and operators, and a green color to comments ('--' is line comment flag, comment-endcomment is multi-line comment flags).

The code folding enables collapse of init-endinit, exec-endexec, if-endif, for-endfor etc.

The MODELS editor has a Debug feature.

The Syntax check (F2) creates a data case with some default data and input and runs ATP. The syntax check reported by ATP in the lis-file is then tracked and the first line with syntax error marked. The syntax error is not perfect as lack of endif, endfor etc. termination force ATP to look into the subsequent model which in this case is the model tester.

The Test feature (F3) enables the user to specify inputs (cosine functions) and data to test the actual performance of the model with result pl4-file plotting.

The MODELS editor has a large context menu (right click) support with insert of

Time functions

Math functions (including tricky calculus laplace/integral functions that requires history settings)

Loop controls

Time variables