Plotting and post-processing

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Plotting and post-processing


To plot the result you need a post-processor. This is also distributed by EEUG.ORG. The frequently used plotter PLOTXY.EXE can be downloaded directly from the web.

The solver can be setup from the ATP|ATP Connection Wizard. The solver will produce PL4-files containing the data to be plotted


If something went wrong in the simulation and the user didn't bother to inspect the LIS-file, the PL4-file will be empty and nothing can be plotted.


In the plotting program you select the generated output you want to study. PlotXY uses left click to get data on the left axis and right to measure it on the right axis. Reload can also be use (also with fixed range) for fast update of a previous simulation. PloyXY also offers to write the selected data to matlab files for further post-processing and to copy the plot to the Windows clipboard.