Initialization File

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Initialization File


The ATPDraw initialization file (ATPDraw.ini) contains user specified program options. On program startup all program option variables are given default values. Then, ATPDraw searches the disk for an initialization file and if one is found, reads new parameter values from the file into the option variables; thus, overriding the default values. The fini-file is supposed to be stored in the %APPDATA%\ATPDraw direcory (c:\documents and settings\user\application data\atpdraw, but this is really language and installation dependent).  In this way several users on a system can have individual ini-files. The initialization file is searched for in the following order:


1.In the current directory.

2.In the program directory (where ATPDraw.exe is located).

3.In Windows installation directory (normally c:\windows).

4.In each of the directories specified in the PATH environment variable (see your autoexec.bat file).


When a file is found the search process terminates and the file is read. If no file is found, the default values apply.


The ATPDraw.ini file is a standard Windows initialization file. Empty lines or lines that starts with a comma (;) sign are ignored. A standard initialization file is divided into one or more sections; each section containing one or more parameter=value lines. The ATPDraw initialization file currently defines the following sections:





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[ATP Settings]



In addition, other sections may exist, specifying the default size and position of the ATPDraw main window for different screen resolutions.


Normally you would use the Tools Options dialog box to specify the initialization file contents, but you may also edit the file in any standard text editor.