Tools Options Dialog

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Tools Options Dialog


In the Tools Options dialog you can customize the program options for this particular ATPDraw session, or save options to the ATPDraw.ini file read by all succeeding sessions.


During program startup each option is given a default value. Then, the program searches for an ATPDraw.ini file in the current directory, the directory of the ATPDraw.exe program, the Windows installation directory and each of the directories specified in the PATH environment variable. When an initialization file is found, the search process stops and the file is read. Any option value in this file overrides the default setting.


The Tools Options dialog enables you to specify the contents of the initialization file without having to load and edit the file from a text editor. On the General page you specify circuit file and ATPDraw main window options. On the Preferences page you specify undo/redo buffers, circuit window color and text editor program. On the Files&Folders page you specify the location of circuit, ATP and support files. On the View/ATP page you specify default view and ATP options for all new circuits.


To save options to the initialization file, select the Save button. A detailed description of all the dialog menu buttons are found in the menu options help topic.


Note that if no initialization file exists, ATPDraw creates a new file in its installation directory when you select the Save button or the Save Options option in the tools menu.


For a syntax description and default value listing, go to the Initialization File help topic.