View/ATP options

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View/ATP options


The following table lists and describes available options on the View/ATP page:



House keeping options:


Delete temp-files after simulation:

Deletes all temporary BCTRAN/LCC files (.dat, .lis. pch) and all temorary ATP files *.bin when the simulation is finished. The files required to run ATP outside of ATPDraw (atp- and lib- files) are left on disk. In case of protected elements the lib-files are immediately deleted and the atp-file is modified. During debugging a LCC or BCTRAN model this button should be left unchecked.


Delete result files on exit:

Deletes all temporary and result files (.atp, .lib, .lis, .pl4, .dat, .pch, .bin, .gnu) from ResultDir (the ATP folder as default) when the circuit is closed. All data is stored in the project files of ATPDraw anyway.


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