Line/Cable Model data

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Line/Cable Model data


In the Model data page the user can select type of system and model to construct a LINE CONSTANTS or CABLE PARAMETERS/CABLE CONSTANTS data case. Go to Overview of line/cable modeling.


System type:

Overhead line: LINE CONSTANTS




For overhead line the following data must be specified (high accuracy (FCAR=blank) is used in all cases):


For cables the following data must be specified:


For cables with enclosing pipe the following pipe data are required:


Standard data:

These data are standard for all models. These are part of the standard data structure and can be surfaced in Group components.



The JMarti, Noda and Semlyen models are fitted in a frequency range specified with the number of decades (Decades) from Freq. init and the number of sample points per decade (Points/Dec). The JMarti and Semlyen models also requires a frequency where the transformation matrix is calculated (this frequency should be dominant is the later transient study) and a steady state frequency for calculation of the steady state condition. The Noda model needs a frequency Freq. veloc. where the velocity of the natural modes of propagation are calculated. A value higher than the highest frequency of the frequency scan is usually appropriate. The JMarti, Noda and Semlyen models need in some cases modification of the default fitting data. Please read the Rulebook for further details.