Open Probe dialog

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Open Probe dialog


Probes are components for output of voltage, branch current, TACS values and global MODELS variables, and are handled differently than other components you open.


In the Open Probe dialog you can specify the number of phases of a probe and which phases to output. Make sure to specify sufficient number of phases for current probes, otherwise phases will be interrupted. Current probes has an option to Add current node. This node can be used as input to control systems. (When checked this will result in two measuring switches in series, and in this case there is no doubt what current really is measured).


For the Voltage and Current probe you can also choose to output Steady-State values from the LIS-file. Current probes can output current or power. Information for all phases are read from the LIS-file and stored for both current and power. For 3-phase probes you can also select to output sequence parameters on screen. The font size and output format can also be selected. Moreover, you can select the time instant to measure the phasors. For T=0 the steady-state initialization from ATP is used, but for T>0 a Model (WRITEPROBEI or WRITEPROBEV) is automatically inserted to calculate the phasor for one period (1/FREQ) prior to the specified time. If Add time info is checked the output on screen will have the time information appended like '@.02' for T=0.02 s. The current and power values can also be copied to clipboard when right-clicking on the value grid.


Hide checkbox + variable: If you check Hide the probe becomes Hidden (grayed) and not written to the ATP -file. If the Hide box is unchecked you can also specify a Variable in the edit box below the checkbox. If this Variable is larger than zero the probe is Hidden.





Voltage probe. Node voltages output request .


Voltage probe. Branch voltage output request.


Voltage probe. Line voltages in lead or lag.


Current probe. Branch current output request. Measuring switch.


TACS probe. TACS variable output request. Type 33.


MODELS probe output of external Models variables (inputs/outputs)