Universal Machine

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Universal Machine


The handling of electrical machines has been updated substantially. Several universal machines are allowed with global specification of initialization method and interface. Synchronous machine (type 1), two types of induction machines (type 3 & 4), DC machine (type 8) and a single-phase machine (type 6) are supported. The universal machine component dialog box is shown in Fig. 1. The user enters the machine data in five pages. On the first some general data like stator coupling and the number of d and q axis coils are specified. The Global data are set in Universal machine settings. On the Magnet. page the flux/inductance data with saturation are specified. On the Stator and Rotor pages the coil data are given, and under Init the initial conditions.



Fig. 1 Universal machine input dialog.


The dialog boxes for all the universal machines are similar. The type 4 induction machine does not have the Rotor coils group, since this is locked to 3. None of the type 3 and 4 induction machine does not have the field node of course. The single phase machine (type 6) and the DC machine do not have the Stator coupling group. For the type 6 machine the number of d-axis is locked to 1. Even if the number of rotor coils or excitation coils can be set to maximum 3, only the first d-axis coils will have external terminals for a type 1, 6, and 8 machine. The other coils will be short circuited. The type 3 machine will have all its rotor coils short circuited, while the type 4 machine will have one external terminal for all its 3 coils. From version 3.9p4 the user can specify 5 rotor coils when Saturation is turned off (on the Magnet. page).  


Fig. 2 shows the various pages for universal machine data input.  The buttons under Saturation on the Magnet. page turns on/off the various saturation parameters for the d- and q-axis. This is equivalent to the parameter JSATD and JSATQ in the ATP data format. Selecting symm. is equal to having JSATD=5 and JSATQ=0 (total saturation option for uniform air gap). Specify the Park transformed quantities for resistance and inductance for the armature winding on the Stator page. The number of coils on the Rotor page and on the Init page for manual initialization adapts the specification of the number of rotor coils.First the d-axis coils are listed then comes the q-axis coils.



Fig. 2. Data pages on universal machines dialog box.