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Graphical preprocessor to ATP


Web-page news: recent email registration problem around Oct. 1 2015 now fixed. Try Login - Forgotten password.

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Welcome to the new web page of ATPDraw

ATPDraw is a graphical, mouse-driven preprocessor to the ATP version of the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP) on the MS-Windows platform. In ATPDraw the user can construct an electrical circuit using the mouse and selecting components from menus, then ATPDraw generates the ATP input file in the appropriate format based on "what you see is what you get". The simulation program ATP and plotting programs can be integrated with ATPDraw. A license is required to use the solver ATP.

This web-site has been in operation since 2012. Users can register with email authentication by passing a CAPTCHA and an EMTP quiz. So far around 3000 people have registered. The web-site offers discussion forums with nested discussions, images/document uploads  and search functionality. The technical content has to some extend been low and dominated by beginners. The EMTP email list server seems to be used and supported by the more advanced users. By registering on this web-site users also get access to latest ATPDraw downloads (NOT the solver tpbig.exe).

The ATPDraw program can also be registered with the same user name and password and this gives direct access to web-content including one-click upload and download of ATPDraw cases. More contributions from users are expected and requested. All cases are moderated.