What is ATPDraw?

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What is ATPDraw?


ATPDraw is a graphical pre-processor to ATP and is used to create and edit circuit files. A solver (ATP) is needed to simulate electromagnetic transients. This is distributed by the EEUG organization.

The output of ATPDraw is a file you can use as input to the ATP program. ATP can be integrated in ATPDraw via the ATP Connection Wizard (short-cut F10). The Plot Command and ATP Command is also seen from the original Tools|Options/preferences for backward compatibility reasons.


ATPDraw let the user intuitively construct a circuit working with graphical symbols. ATPDraw creates the ATP file in the correct format based on "what you see is what you get", and takes care of the node naming. Nevertheless, the main challenge in circuit analysis is to obtain and insert the parameters correctly in the appropriate component models. This is the responsibility of the user.


Technical questions about how to model and use ATP can by raised to the user groups of ATP, see for instance the European EMTP User Group's home gape. There exists e-mail discussion groups for licensed users.



Copyright © 1996-2019, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. All rights reserved.


ATPDraw is programmed and maintained by H.K.Høidalen, SINTEF/NTNU

ATPDraw is redesigned and converted to Windows by O.G.Dahl, Dahl Data Design.