Cable data

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Cable data


In this page the data for all cables in the system is specified.

The cable number is selected in the top combo box with a maximum number specified in Num. cables in the Model page. The data for one cable can be copied to an internal clipboard and pasted into another cable.


For each of the conductors Core, Sheath and Armor specify:

The semiconductor quantities are normally only specified for the Core. It is the user's responsibility to make sure these thicknesses in sum are less than the insulation thickness Rtotal-Rcore_out or Rsheat_in-Rcore_out. The semiconductor layers are used to calculate a modified permittivity for the insulation.


Specify also


For Cable Parameters the NGRND parameter (number of grounded conductors) are calculated internally in ATPDraw based on the total number of conductors in the system and the number of initially selected phases. For Cable Constants the user must specify which conductor to ground by checking the appropriate Ground buttons. A warning will appear if a mismatch between the number of phases and the number of ungrounded conductors is found. Grounded conductors are drawn with a gray color under view.


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