Status bar

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Status bar


The status bar at the bottom of the main window displays status information about the active circuit window. The mode field on the left hand side shows which mode of operation you are in. Possible modes are:



The field to the right of the mode field displays the modified status of the active circuit. As soon as you alter the circuit (moving a label, deleting a connection, inserting a new component, etc), the text 'Modified' will show up to indicate that the circuit needs saving. The field will be empty when you save the circuit or undo all modifications. Note that the number of available undo buffers are limited (default is 10, but can be increased from the Tools Options dialog box). In the default case, if more than 10 modifications are done, the field will indicate a modified status until you save the circuit.


The third panel shows the Registered option. ATPDraw can be registered at from Web|Register to get direct access to easy upload to and download from the examples data base. The panel shown also if the computer is offline of the SQL-server is down.


The forth panel contains the progress bar of the simulation. The progress will be correct only if Progress report is checked in the ATP Wizard.


The rightmost field of the status bar displays menu option hints.


To the very right are the zooming and Node size options.