Synchronous Machine 59/58

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Synchronous Machine 59/58


The component SM.SUP is new from version 5.8. In contrast to the old components SM_NC/SM_FC or SM_SAT it covers more of the following ATP features:

No practical restriction on the number of masses (integer 2G in version 7)

Exciter or not

Optional saturation

Parallel operation

Separate control of field voltage and mechanical power scaling

Optional 0-5 extra control nodes

Selection between type 59 or type 58 machine models

Full control of output variables


What is still uncovered are

Direct electric parameters


The electric quantities (manufacturers data) are found in the standard data grid. To paste in data from other synchronous machine models the user can use Paste|Use Data Names which works for most parameters.


Below the extra data are organized in



Initial conditions Volt, Angl

Time constants based on short or open circuit

Delta connected stator (or wye connected)

Type 58 (or type 59 machine)

Parallel operation (with power share)


Field current

The current that produces 1 pu armature voltage

Or two-point saturation characteristic in d- and (optional) q-axis



Number of masses (integer 2G in version 7)

Mass number of rotor

Mass number of exciter (if any)

Mechanical data of the masses



Internal machine variables

Mechanical variables for each mass

Selection of the number of extra TACS output (0-5). Select the type by clicking on the appearing nodes.