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This component was included in ATPDraw 5.7. It offers transparency and copy/paste/grouping possibility of TACS Fortran statement.


The user must select the number of Input (1..9) and Data (0..9). Close the window and reopen to update the dialog.

Specify the value OUT= on ATP applicable format using $In and $Dn with I for Input and D for data and n for the number.

Example: OUT= ($I1-$I2)/($D1)-4.*$I1*$D2

Interpretation OUT= (input1 - input2)/data1 - 4*input1*data2


ATPDraw will replace the $In and $Dn sub-strings when the final ATP file is created. There is no check on the maximum allowable length of the fortran string and the user is responsible for inserting $$ cards to break the line.